Saturday, November 08, 2008

Challenge Update 1.1

As you can tell by the limited number of posts here thus far, 
this blog is Brand Spankin' New!

According to the previous post, I felt extremely ambitious and tricked myself into this present challenge... and thus sparking the idea for many challenges to come (more on that stuff later)!

If I can get this video thing to work, I made a short video to show you some of my progress... It may look like a step back from some of the pictures you may have seen - but as you may have guessed, these things take planning... and there are a lot of layers!

So, if there is NO video... I'm working on it.

If there IS... Grab your favorite snack, person, animal (real or stuffed), and ENJOY!

  ... although its very short so maybe you should just grab a small one.
                        ... Snack, that is... Unless you prefer smaller people?

I guess what I'm trying to say is - 

[Post edited - For some reason I can't load the video I actually wanted... I'll try at the next hotel]