Sunday, December 07, 2008

Toby Time

So I did what I thought I'd do...I hooked up the old computer and without further ado, here are some new shots-

Check out the hair that held up the process...

It's just sprayed wire, but in the future, I may try some acrylic paint to see how well that works if I'm going for a similar look.

Here are a couple of how he looked prior to adding the mouth fabric-

I like that he looks as though he is pondering life's theories.

Once the mouth fabric was sewn in, Toby started to smile. Actually, we discussed whether or not to go with smile lines or without. I had started getting used to the roundness of the uncovered head, but now that everything is in place, I really like the way it's coming along.

Here's a close up of the eye. It's not all fixed into place yet, so things may look a bit cleaner as I go, but this is roughly where I want it to end up.

Sorry for the delay. He's getting closer. I've got to cover the ears, add the neck fabric, the belly button, and start on the scars.

(random side note related to scars: I did joker make-up for a friend today, and having never tried it before AND a time limit of about an hour to figure it all out, I'd say it went well. Drop a comment if you are interested in seeing it. I'll ask him if it would be ok to show on here. I also realize you have come for PUPPETS, not stage make-up, so I understand if there's little interest)

Keep checking back this week for more updates. We've got some great stuff in store for the near future.