Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's been a few days...Toby is with his new daddy, who took to him immediately upon introduction, Kyle is on break from tour now for Christmas and in route to our hometown by way of Pittsburgh, and I am getting ready to go home too!

Before I get going though, I have a little goal set for myself.  When my friend was in town visiting, she mentioned wanting a puppet of her own.  She works in a prison where she teaches a music therapy and appreciation class, and thought that a music note might be a fun way to go over some of the material with her for her Christmas present, I've decided to take on her idea and hammer out a MUSIC NOTE puppet in a couple days.

I've sketched up some designs, but I think I might leave this one up to trial and error.  Sometimes I find it nice to be able to play.  I haven't settled on a specific style or shape to start out with, but I'm thinking about trying to find something new.  Originally I thought about using the same template I used for Toby's belly, which I may still end up modifying, but not until I get a chance to play around with some new shapes.

I'll post whatever I have as soon as I have it.  Now, it's time to go play!