Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Epic Tale - Part 2

I am greeted and overwhelmed by colors and characters abound.  There are signed portraitures, witty signs, and - DISMEMBERED BODY PARTS?!

As I take in the displays around me I recognize bits and pieces of my childhood...  There are Statler and Waldorf - dissected!  Janice's leg, and her head - sans mouth and signature lips!  Kermit's flipper!  Gonzo's - well... shape?  It was just too much to handle!!!  But before I am able to rally the masses to free what is left of them, I am reassured by a familiar voice as Kermit explains what life is like with the Whatnots.

Taking a deep breath, I notice that I have been watched by a smiling young lady wearing an awesome apron!  (I wish I had a picture of the aprons [which are NOT for sale], but I didn't want to seem that creepy)  She beckons me over to her workdesk - fully stocked with everything needed to create your new best friend!

With the prospective of a new companion, my imagination is set ablaze...  I put on my thinking cap - I crack my knuckles - and I go to work...

~To be continued... again...~