Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Epic Tale - Part 3

It was a time of growth, a time of change, a perfect opportunity to GO GREEN!  (at the time they were out of blue and orange bodies...)

My Magical Mistress of Muppet Mayhem brings forth the Colorforms (a childhood favorite) and we go to town.  There isn't anyone else in the workshop at the time, so the creative process proceeds uninhibited.  Small talk progresses into discussing my current occupation - which explains my inherent pickiness in the final product!

Having made my selection, I take a literal step back from the event.  I would soon have a Muppet to call my own!  She plugs in her glue gun and starts working her magic... inviting me, in the meantime, to try my hand with Whatnot Weird Al!

As the Adhesive Ace attaches my fleece friends features, I patiently wait...  It is nearly the end.