Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Epic Tale - Part 4 (the conclusion)

Adoption is so much easier when dealing with puppets...

Soon I am presented with the subsequently named Duane Reade...  He stares at me from inside his plastic backpack home, begging to come out and play.  Sadly, however, I have no time to answer this call.  We are in New York City - home of tourism, Broadway shows, and street vendor food.

There is much to be done!

We hurriedly continue our journey (with Duane Reade in tow) to the Broadway Theatre to see Shrek the Musical.  After taking in the show - which includes John Tartaglia! (Avenue Q, Sesame Street, Johnny and the Sprites, etc) - braving the frigid elements we stake our post outside the stage door.  Also in the show was Aymee Garcia (Big, Big World, Avenue Q, Les Miserables).  Much to my surprise, also attending the show that night was none other than Fran Brill (best known as Zoe from Sesame Street)!  Of course she had worked with "Johnny" before and had come to see his performance.  After overcoming the initial shock of being recognized, Fran was quick to burst with pride at John's performance.  I mentioned my current job and she insisted we all take a picture... and I could not have agreed more!
(John Tartaglia, friend Megan, Me, Fran Brill)

It was a wonderful end to an already momentous day.
     _____     _____     _____     _____     

Be sure to check back for video of Duane in action!  We also hope to officially announce some exciting news next week...  MUA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!