Thursday, June 03, 2010

Oh, Yes - O'Neill!

For fear of jinxing my chances, I haven't announced some of the biggest news to come our way in a while...

In just under a week I will be attending the

So many things happened just right to allow me time off work and the ability to make my way to Connecticut, so I was hesitant to say anything until everything was finalized - but arrangements have been made, time has been taken off, flights have been paid for, and I will soon be surrounded by pure, unadulterated puppety goodness! I will be taking extensive notes and video and will be working closely with Jonathan Little to make sure we both catalog as much material as possible over the ten day intensive.

In other news, we have recently been hired for a few quick builds - one for a magician friend (and repeat customer) and another for FantasyLand Theatricals out of Florida!

Speaking of Florida, the monkey will be bringing us to your good graces soon...

And we can't wait!