Monday, April 05, 2010

Let's Take it Back...

It's time to rewind and recount because we've been going through some great changes and experiences in the past couple months that we have to share!

BIGGEST CHANGE OF ALL: David has joined Kyle on tour with Curious George Live!, the fun filled family musical...with the curious little monkey everyone knows and loves!

With that said, now both of the puppetFIX guys are on the road with suitcases full of supplies, their favorite puppet pals in hand, and FINALLY...the opportunity to work together in person again after a very long hiatus.

It's been about a month and a half, and that time has not been wasted. The only way to really get this out will be to break down the experiences in separate posts, some from David, some from Kyle, and now...even some from both of them at the same time, from the same room (or tour bus with wifi)!

Time together has been used to film, network, check out shows, hold impromptu performances...and you can bet this is only the beginning. Check it out, right here at the puppetFIX Blog.