Friday, October 23, 2009

New Puppets!

Take a look at the newest puppets on the block. Or "AVENUE", I should say...

I just closed my first show of the semester, Once, Twice, Three Times a Tony, the third installment of a Tony Award winning "Best Musicals" review trilogy. Starting with winners from the first Tony telecast and ending with this past May, the three separate reviews have been performed over the course of three different years here at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. This season included best musicals from 1991 on, so I was able to be a part of some pretty great shows, all of which won in my life time! I was fortunate enough to be featured in Jersey Boys and my personal favorite, Avenue Q.

What was also great, was that my crew assignment for the semester was to build Kate Monster and Princeton for "Mix Tape" and "Purpose". I quickly decided not to go with replicating what the original Broadway puppets looked like, and got to work on my own designs for the puppets.

Check back for more about the build process soon!