Thursday, May 14, 2009


Not much blog action lately...
It seems like everyone is getting the springtime blues in anticipation of summer, and why not?!

College has concluded for Dave (until Fall), and tour will be ending in about a month for me... so what is next?

I am proud to announce that we are NOT lazy people!  We are already hard at work on our next big project - and by "we", I mean Dave and the newly relocated New Hampshire crew!  Rehearsals are underway for the three shows we'll be doing at Story Land (only one is a puppet show, however) and Dave held a workshop with the other performers this morning to go over the basics of puppeteering.

I can't wait to join them in a month, but I guess we'll just have to settle for pictures as our latest build develops!  Believe me, this blog will be picking up steam again very soon...  but in the meantime, friend us on Facebook!