Sunday, January 25, 2009

a little bit of news

You may have noticed a lack of posts this month, and I must say, it seems we've made the same observation with many of the blogs we follow...everyone must be very tired, or very busy!  

There has been some talk of a possible build job that we hope to find out about within the next couple weeks.  If it's a go, I'm sure we'll chronicle the process here for you, and I will say...that would include four puppets!

We are also in beginning stages of work on our first web show.  As it will be a new process for us, we're  anxious to share the journey.  It will be an interesting feat to get production rolling when we're spread out like we are, but it is our hope that once it's time to build, our team will be assembled.  

Stay tuned for cool pictures and stories from Kyle's trip to NYC.   It's full of puppets, celebrities, and surprise guests!

Till next time, enjoy this provocative picture of these funny looking puppets I once had to use in a show.  As stock as they may have been, I still kinda miss them...