Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here's the deal...
We are two young puppeteers striving to be the best.  We have steadily climbed into the world of professionalism and are now looking to get our work out there.  Essentially this blog will serve two purposes.

-  First off, we are being selfish and want a catalog of 
our work that we don't have to pay for.  It can be so 
costly sometimes and we have other things to be 
working on - which leads into...

-  The real reason we created this blog is to give those 
people who care (or fancy themselves our peers) an 
opportunity to see our work(s) in progress.

-  The third "surprise" purpose is to help ourselves 
keep realistic deadlines, which as you might have 
guessed, can sometimes be the absolute downfall of 
artists and perfectionists alike.  It seems the two can 
not coexist, which makes life and work VERY difficult 

We've got some fantastic ideas floating around inside our dangerously creative minds and would like you to enjoy them as well.  They may not turn out to be as good as we originally conceived them to be (few things are), but this is where YOU come in.
We don't want to be the only ones with a say in this stuff.  Heck!  If you are reading this you should get a say in what you want to know and what you want to see...


We're open to suggestion(s) and look forward to having others care about these projects as well.  Some of our ideas are dumb, some are quite sentimental, and most of them seem to lean toward ridiculous, challenging, and somehow meaningful - but we know that in order to realize our plethora of dreams we need to have something to show for ourselves and that will not be possible without you.

It seems like sometimes artists become disillusioned into their own brilliance - we have our parents to thank for constantly reminding us that we still have a long way to go - but without people to enjoy our work, it has no significance.  Basically what I'm saying is

PLEASE read/watch/savor our posts (I promise there will be many)
PLEASE tell others about these two cool cats who are trying to make a difference in the world (more on that kind of stuff later)
PLEASE feel free to tell us how you really feel (we both have very good electronic ears if you need a virtual shoulder to cry on)
PLEASE DON'T forget about us (we NEED you...)

Wow... This is pretty long... If you made it this far leave a comment because you deserve a prize!